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Film Review: Mud (2012)

Mud (Review)
United States/2012
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"...Mud is near flawless."

On a small island on the Mississipi River, Ellis (Tye Sheridan) and Neckbone (Jacob Lofland) find a boat in a tree. As they try to make it their own, they find out someone has already taken refuge in it, and he goes by the name of Mud (Matthew McConaughey).

The story continues to develop the relationship between the two boys and Mud; Ellis and Neckbone are already great friends, Ellis particularly is going through changes regarding love; while Mud is a stranded, misunderstood murderer looking to save the love of his life. Mud's goal is to leave the island with his girlfriend and escape his pursuers-- and these boys can help. Along the way, friendship and love will be questioned on both sides as they experience the ups-and-downs of relationships. Is love real? The film's ending is fantastic.

I thoroughly enjoyed Mud. It works fantastically as a coming-of-age drama, although we can simply call it a drama. It works mainly off its engaging dialogue and conversations, which really compliments the Southern environment and atmosphere of the film. The character arcs are interesting and masterfully executed. This isn't an action film, but Mud features a fantastic action sequence during its final act. The entire film has life -- it moves with the energy and momentum of an effective thriller, but never sacrifices character or plot.

Tye Sheridan and Jacob Lofland are superb; Sheridan, in particular, delivers a wide range of emotion -- from genuine excitement and interests to disappointment and sadness. Sheridan and Lofland share the best-friend chemistry and effectively compliment each other's performances. Matthew McConaughey has a strong presence as the title character: his southern charisma is perfect for the film, and he delivers at the highest caliber possible; McConaughey has surprised me film after film with his astonishing performances. The cinematography is superb, the location is captured beautifully. The music is perfect, well-fitted for the setting, although it has a smaller presence. The direction and writing is flawless, a triumph for Jeff Nichols.

Overall, Mud is a superb drama. From its deep plot to its spectacular performances, and the technical aspects that capture this immersive world, Mud is near flawless. This is a film worth watching, do not miss this.

Score: 10/10
Parental Guide: Some strong violence and blood.

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