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Film Review: Lincoln (2012)

Lincoln (Review)
United States/2012
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" features genuine performances, beautiful sets and costumes, amazing music, and superb cinematography."

Abraham Lincoln attempts to formally abolish slavery through the passing of the Thirteenth Amendment during the Civil War. In order to do so, Lincoln and his party must secure votes from both sides, which proves to be a difficult task for a worthy cause.

Lincoln is a historical drama. Although set during the Civil War, don't expect any war or action sequences. Nay, instead, Lincoln follows the path towards the abolishment of slavery through the political process -- on the surface and behind the scenes. The story moves through several significant events with more than enough detail; we witness the debates as well as the side political, as in the non-monetary bribery necessary to secure the vote. The film continues to account the struggle until the ending; for those who know, it is what you'd expect.

Lincoln relies solely on its dialogue, which feels authentic. There are plenty of debates, and Lincoln tells a story for story-time more than once. And, there are also regular conversations -- some more contemplative than others. The problem with Lincoln is that it occasionally lacks energy. I'm not talking about action or explosions, I'm talking about the element that gives the film life, the element that pushes the film forward and keeps the audience glued to the screen. Now most of the film does indeed have this element, but it occasionally does not, which temporarily hinders the storytelling.

Lincoln has an all-around exceptional cast. Of course, Daniel Day Lewis delivers a magnificent performance; he delivers an incredible Lincoln, exactly how I had pictured it beforehand; Daniel Day Lewis IS Lincoln. I won't go on and on about the great cast, but I'd at least like to mention Tommy Lee Jones and Sally Field as standouts. As expected, this film oozes with Steven Spielberg's signature style; the fantastic cinematography, the enchanting music... it's all very familiar, and as superb as ever. The amazing attention to detail in setting and costume creates a very immersive atmosphere; everything feels incredibly accurate and genuine.

Overall, Lincoln is a great historical drama. The film is technically flawless as it features genuine performances, beautiful sets and costumes, amazing music, and superb cinematography. Lincoln occasionally lacks the proper energy and the runtime is slightly inflated, though, so be prepared for the journey. It feels triumphant because it is triumphant.

Score: 8/10
Parental Guide: Some violence and blood, disturbing/gory images of war.

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