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Film Review: Friday The 13th Part 4 - The Final Chapter (1984)

Friday The 13th: Part 4 - The Final Chapter (Review)
United States/1984
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"Featuring the legendary Tom Savini, the gore effects are superb..."

After the events of the previous film, the presumably dead Jason is transported to the morgue. He comes back to life, kills the doctor and nurse, and escapes back into Crystal Lake. Meanwhile, a new group of teenagers arrive to the lake to the same old same old.

The difference between Part 4 and Part 3 is the consistency; part 4 feels a bit more balanced than the previous installment, and features a few more improvements. Unfortunately, the story isn't improved. It starts with a montage of the previous films, and continues into a hospital setting -- I like this sequence, the use of the setting and the first two kills. Afterward, the story delivers the same old same old; we see a group of teenagers skinny dip, smoke weed, have sex, and... that's about it (again). This bloodbath leads to an ending that feels a bit rushed and predictable.

As for consistency, the kills are fairly scattered across the film -- I'd say the kill count is balanced well. Part 4 also features technical improvements in the kills. The death sequences are shot much better with more visibility. Featuring the legendary Tom Savini, the gore effects are superb -- definitely a highlight for the film. The suspense is light, unfortunately, and the jump-scares fail to conjure the jumps. Due to these missteps, Part 4 isn't really scary. However, it is entertaining and fast paced.

The acting is better this time around. The writing and delivery still suffers from some cheesy 80s writing, but it is performed better than the previous installment. The music isn't particularly memorable, even the main theme feels underwhelming. Fortunately, the gore effects redeem some of these missteps. Unlike the previous installment, you can actually get a good look at the kill -- and they're worth watching for gorehounds. There isn't much to direct, it's practically the same film as before.

Overall, Friday The 13th: Part 4 The Final Chapter is a very good slasher. It fails to deliver the scares and the story is pretty much the same, but it manages to entertain with its gory kills, balanced story, and consistent pace. This installment felt like it was over before I knew it.

Score: 7/10
Parental Guide: Strong violence and gore, and nudity.

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