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Film Review: Friday The 13th Part 3 (1982)

Friday The 13th: Part 3 (Review)
United States/1982
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"It fumbles after a great introduction, but redeems itself a bit with the final act."

The story begins with a re-run of Friday the 13th: Part 2's ending. And so, it continues with Jason visiting a local store and slaughtering the live-in couple before moving on to the Higgins Haven. Soon, Chris Higgins and her friends arrive and another massacre occurs.

Friday The 13th: Part 3 is very straight-forward; the story is simplistic and generic. In fact, I can't really say much about the story because of the lack of story. The group of friend are quickly introduced, they arrive at the lodge, and they do regular stuff for a while -- actually, they really don't do much at all. They use a yoyo, and juggle, and smoke weed... IN 3D!! (I emphasize that because these activities are used to show off the 3D.) Then, as the third act begins, the friends are picked off one by one. And, it ends the way everyone expects it too. That's about it, unfortunately.

However, the film has a few moments where it shines. I like the often subtle use of Jason Voorhees, as he creeps in the background. There are a few scenes with great suspense, as well; I found a couple of scenes to have great build-up and execution. The kills feature solid special effects, despite the magnificent Tom Savini being absent. I like the first two sequences in the film -- the flashback and the local store -- and I also enjoy the final act, but almost everything in between is mediocre.

The acting, for example, is mediocre. The cast are okay, especially considering the genre and year of release, but their dialogue and delivery is often cringe-worthy. The moment of tension and panic are solid, but they should spend less time with the small talk. The writing is incredibly simple -- I'm not sure if there was even a script considering the dialogue and formulaic story. Special effects are solid, but they aren't highlighted or shown off; this is an element that could've redeemed the film a little more.

Overall, Friday The 13th: Part 3 is a good slasher film. It fumbles after a great introduction, but redeems itself a bit with the final act. I can't say I wasn't entertained, but I won't say this film is perfect, either.

Score: 6/10
Parental Guide: Strong violence and gore, some sex and nudity.

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