Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Film Review: Texas Chainsaw 3D (2013)

Texas Chainsaw 3D (Review)
United States/2013
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As a direct sequel to the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Texas Chainsaw 3D picks up with Leatherface and his family being attacked by an angry mob. The home, and everyone in it, is burned down and everyone is presumed dead - except for a baby. Years later, Heather Miller learns she has inherited her grandmother's home - along with a sinister secret hidden away deep in the home...

The story isn't anything special. There are a couple of scenes that bring us back to the better days, really bringing you back to the original film, but it's mostly filled with modern horror clichés. Young, attractive people go to the home, plan to party, a little sexuality here and there, some gore, predictable twist, an ill-fitted action finale, and an after-credits scene to tease the inevitable sequels. Boom! That's your story. It never strives to be more, and it could've worked if it developed its characters, terror, and settings properly.

There is one chase scene I enjoyed, it played out very well as it blended suspense and bloody violence. But, the rest of the film really doesn't try to terrify. The blood and gore fail to push the limits, and usually blend terrible computer-generated with been-there-done-that gore effects. The jump-scares consists of loud music, but lack tension and buildup. The setting is never fully utilize or explained; this may be nitpicking, but this story can't take place more than 25 years after the original, and the film never tries to capture a 90s vibe - it's stuck pretending to be in the 70s with modern technology like iPhones. On top of that, Leatherface is poorly design and utilized, he's no longer a force to be feared. I'll break it down: The suspense and setting is better in the original film, and the gore and style is better in the remake.

The acting is mediocre. I wouldn't say it's terrible, but, again, the cast never strive to be much more than competent. They are attractive to look at, but never seep into their characters; they are generic and often overact. The writing is simplistic, littered with clichés and horrible one-liners. The special effects look like they belong in a made-for-TV movie. (made-for-TV movies have been getting better, though, so maybe the effects belong in something worse.) Technically, the film falls flat - below the line of mediocrity.

Overall, Texas Chainsaw 3D is a bad slasher film. The film didn't scare me at all, I laughed much more for all of the wrong reasons. If you want a great slasher, stick with the masterful original film or the great remake. If you want gore and violence, stick with the Hatchet series (preferably the first film, the second wasn't all that great, either) or Sweatshop (a bad film with great kills). I strongly recommend staying away from this sequel/reboot.

Score: 2/10
Parental Guide: Strong violence and gore, some sexuality.

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