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Film Review: The Child's Eye (2010)

The Child's Eye (Review)
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"It's often unintentionally humorous, but not scary..."

Six young people are vacationing in Thailand when riots suddenly breakout. As they try to flee the country, their hotel and the airport close due to the protests, so their driver takes them to another hotel. At this hotel, they sense an eerie presence...

The Child's Eye has a bad story. The story, despite some creative additions, is a cliché Asian horror haunting. The group of friends move around a hotel, complain about it, talk about their strange feeling, and occasionally experience ghostly encounters. They meet some odd children, and a dog that can see ghost (shouldve been called "The Dog's Eye"), and continue to... solve the mystery? This goes on and on (and on...) until it reaches its predictable climax. After its incredibly underwhelming twists, the film drags on a bit more with pointless, unexplained scenes. Then, a sigh of relief as the best part of the film occurs: the credits roll!

Okay, I lied. There is one scene that I really enjoyed. This scene uses dim lighting, shadows, and ghostly figures to create a momentarily spooky setting. Unfortunately, this scene is short, especially considering every other sequence in this film is stretched thin; really, the scenes in this film go on and on with unnecessary, repetitive closeups of every character in an attempt to evoke creepiness - which, ironically makes them ineffective and tedious. It's almost as if these repetitive scenes were done purposely to meet some feature-length film requirement; this story likely would've worked better as a short film. Aside from one scene, The Child's Eye isn't scary. It's often unintentionally humorous, but not scary.

On top of the inflated runtime and scare-less story, The Child's Eye offers bad acting, terrible writing, inconsistent storytelling, poor direction, and horrendous special effects. The acting sometimes reaches mediocre, but usually sticks to bad. The writing is cheesy and cliché, filled with generic characters and odd dialogue, as well as causing inconsistent storytelling. The direction is almost nonexistent from the outside looking in. And, to top it off, the film has a few scenes with genuinely pointless 3D; it looks bad, and doesn't blend well with the film.

Overall, The Dog's Eye The Child's Eye is a boring film - a chore to get through. The one scene I liked doesn't redeem the film's massive missteps. Let me recap for those that skip to the last paragraph: The Child's Eye is scare-less, tedious, repetitive, cliché, and a technical mess. Don't waste your time.

Score: 2/10
Parental Guide: Some violence and blood.

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