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Film Review: Let The Bullets Fly (2010)

Let The Bullets Fly (Review)
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In China during the 1920s, Zhang "Pocky" Mazi (Jiang Wen) leads his group of bandits into derailing a government train. Governor Ma Bangde (Ge You), who was going to Goose Town to be governor, and his wife are the only survivors of the derailment, and they do not have money to give. So, Ma poses as his dead counselor to throw off Zhang and his bandits. Zhang then decides to be the governor of Goose Town to make up for the loses...

As Zhang arrives in Goose Town, he is told of Master Huang (Chow Yun Fat), a local mobster who runs the city and quickly opposes the new leadership. Any chance of a healthy relationship between the two leaders is quickly diminished as Zhang refuses to split tax money with Huang and he refuses to take money from the poor - Zhang wants money straight from Huang, and a battle of wits, greed, and power emerges.

Let The Bullets Fly is an action-comedy blend. The action is wonderfully choreographed, usually consisting of great shootouts and quick strategic planning. The action, however, isn't as strong as the comedy. The film's comedy relies on its fast, witty dialogue - the quick, quirky exchanges between characters. The dialogue is genuinely funny - in fact, it's funnier than most comedies nowadays. I haven't laughed so much and so loudly in a very long time. The action and comedy compliment each other very well, and the film manages to use both elements to keep its momentum from beginning to end. As far as the story goes, I thought it was very original, and very entertaining.

The acting is fantastic in this film. Chow Yun Fat is incredibly animated and very witty with his delivery - he really captures the charismatic thug well. Ge You is also very lively and quirky - he quickly changes his emotions, from tears of pain to tears of joy. The cinematography is great, the settings are also very captivating and immersive. The music matched the tone of the film, which is a big plus. The film often uses computer generated effects, which were very ill-fitted and poorly done; fortunately, these special effects are only used during a few scenes. The writing and the great performances should really be credited for the amazing humor this film delivers.

Overall, Let The Bullets Fly is a hilarious action film. Almost every aspect of this film excels beyond standard, very close to perfection; the special effects only hurt the film slightly. As far as action-comedy goes, you won't find a more entertaining film. I highly recommend a purchase
for fans of the genre - make sure you're comfortable reading subtitles if you don't understand the audience, many of the exchanges go by rapidly.

Score: 9/10
Parental Guide: Strong violence and blood.

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