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Film Review: Headshot (2011)

Headshot (Review)
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Tul is a cop-turned-hitman who wakes up from a coma 3 months after a job went bad. Although he survived a shot to the head, Tul's vision has been turned upside down which further complicates his job, along with his tormenting past.

Headshot is a nonlinear story that jumps from past to present often. It is revealed that Tul was a cop that was about to make a huge bust regarding the minister's brother. After refusing a bribe, he is blackmailed into throwing the case. He violently refuses the bribe and ends up in jail where he questions the definition justice. In jail, a man, Dr. Suang, attempts to recruit Tul into a secret organization as an "assassination expert" - a hitman organization that specializes in murdering corrupt politicians, tax evaders, drug traffickers, and the like. He eventually joins the organization, and we're back at the coma. Now, he continues to evaluate his life and decides to quit the job, but he is continuously dragged in by a series of twists and turns.

I really enjoyed the story in Headshot. It's unique and entertaining, although the storytelling can be confusing at times. It's a compelling drama mixed with a few great action sequences; as I questioned my own definition of justice, I'd be quickly snapped into a thrilling shootout. My only complaint during the shootouts was the use of computer-generated blood, the splatter effect looked very fake and kinda broke the immersion; it's only a minor complaint, as the thrills and long-range realism (shootouts from a long distance) of some shootouts was redeeming. As I said before, the film has strong elements of drama that genuinely worked, really creating a troubled character with thought-provoking monologues.

The acting is great from the entire cast. The writing is also great, the dialogue flowed fluently and authentically. The music was also fantastic; it was often simple yet very effective and well-fitted - definitely a strong point for the film. The film is shot-beautifully, the cinematography is fantastic. The storytelling can be confusing since it jumps from time to time, sometimes without warning; it takes a few moments to realize what time the story is currently in.

Overall, Headshot is a great action/drama. The story is often compelling and thrilling, and throughout entertaining. I recommend this film for fans of the genre - the slow-paced action dramas, a rental otherwise.

Score: 8/10
Parental Guide: Strong violence and blood, sex and nudity.

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