Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Film Review: Triple Tap (2010)

Triple Tap (Review)
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Ken, a record-breaking sharpshooter who recently won a competition, comes across the robbery of an armored van. The police are busy with an overwhelming accident, so a traffic cop checks on the robbery. As he arrives, hell breaks loose as he is shot and the hostages are killed. Ken uses his skill to kill the robbers, but one escapes. Jerry Chang takes the case, although he was recently beaten by Ken at the shooting competition. Jerry is suspicious of Ken, but does not have proof since the cameras were out that day and the only other witness is in a coma...

The story in this film starts off simple enough. A shooting competition occurs where Ken and Jerry are competing; Ken wins with his impressive swiftness and triple tap technique. As Ken leaves the competition, he runs into the robbery that he subsequently stops. He's taken to trial for the shooting murder of the thugs where he is declared not guilty. However, Jerry's suspicion continues to linger so he continues to subtly pursuit Ken. A few twists are introduced that show the motives of the crime and, by the end, most of the significant parts of the film are somewhat explained. I did enjoy the actual ending of the film as it shows more of Ken's character, although it did feel a bit rushed.

After Ken wins his trial, the story begins to lose itself as it introduces too much story with too little detail. Many characters and relationships are introduced that aren't fully fleshed-out, and Ken's job and his actions aren't fully explained at the proper time. I'm not asking the film to hold my hand, but some detail would be helpful. Most of the story begins to come full circle at the end, but not in a good way. It basically tricks the audience into thinking "that was a great twist" when it really feels cheap and sloppy since it goes back on everything you already saw. Also, the story loses its effectiveness as it feels like it goes on and on. This is a film that would've benefitted from more action. When the film gets immensely interesting at the end, it feels so rushed. The film has some great concepts and does enter the mind of a criminal, at least briefly.

The acting was great. I really don't have any complaints for any of the actors as they were all able to do a more than acceptable job. The storytelling is easy-to-follow for a short time, but eventually becomes overly-complicated. The editing is not to blame for the storytelling, it's actually very smooth and consistent. The few action sequences have great choreography. I really enjoyed the music from beginning to end.

Overall, Triple Tap is entertaining and has some great concepts and editing; I really enjoyed how the ending played out and the brief examinations of the criminal mind. However, it has some lazy writing, it's too long, and it lacks impact (it's uneventful). I recommend for fans of the genre, a rental otherwise.

Score: 6/10
Parental Guide: Strong violence and blood.

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