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Film Review: Scary Movie 2 (2001)

Scary Movie 2 (Review)
United States/2001
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After the event of the first film, Cindy (Anna Faris), Brenda (Regina Hall), Ray (Shawn Wayans), and Shorty (Marlon Wayans) are in college where they have been signed-up for a weekend stay at a haunted house. They are joined by several newcomers, most notably Buddy, Cindy's new love interests.

The story stats off with a vulgar parody of The Exorcist. This is a very raunchy scene that starts off the film on a strong note. It continues to college life of the main characters, continuing to be vulgar and inappropriate ("Tucked in or tucked out?") The original cast and a few newcomers are chosen to stay at Hell House for a weekend. The Hell House experience, which is the bulk of the film, is where the film starts to lack focus and consistency. The basic premise is the search for the ghosts and a way out. Not much to discuss story-wise.

The story lacks focus. The jokes feel very disconnected, like if they're skits for SNL or MADtv. For example, the basketball segment where they spoof a Nike commercial is funny but completely random; this scene feels like it belongs as a promotional clip or teaser. Afterward, it's like this never happened - this problem occurs often in this film. Another complaint is the lack of structure and focus on the horror genre. The ending spends about 10 minutes (of the 1hr 14min runtime) on a dragged-out Charlie's Angels spoof. Don't get me wrong, I laughed quite a few times, especially during the first 15 minutes or so, but the jokes are definitely hit-and-miss. The most redeeming factor of this film is Shawn Wayans' character, Ray. Ray is hands down one of the funniest characters with the most memorable scenes; he should've been utilized more!

The acting is what you'd expect. It's definitely not going to win awards for outstanding performances, but it's more than tolerable and acceptable. Both Wayans brothers steal the show with their absolutely hilarious characters and eccentric performances. There's not much else to say for this film, at least on the technicalities. The writing lacked much focus and structure, although there was some genuinely hilarious dialogue.

Overall, Scary Movie 2 is a funny film. I like it enough to recommend when you want to kill a night with a comedy. It lacks structure, focus, and witty dialogue. However, Shawn Wayans is an anchor for this film, his dialogue and charisma are incredible; Marlon Wayans also has hilarious dialogue and action; it's safe to say, the Wayans brothers are the main reason to watch this film.

Score: 5/10
Parental Guide: Some violence and blood, and strong sexuality.

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