Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Film Review: Reykjavík-Rotterdam (2008)

Reykjavík-Rotterdam (Review)
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Kristofer is working a job as a security, no better than a janitor on wheels, after being fired from a freight ship for smuggling alcohol. On top of that, his brother-in-law has gotten deep into issues after a job went bad. As money issue pile on, Kristofer accepts a job from a close friend, Steingrimur.

Steingrimur gets Kristofer his job back, which gives him the opportunity for one more run - one more visit to Rotterdam. Kristofer brings his brother-in-law along to teach him the ropes, as well. But, everyone has ulterior motives, which send Kristofer on a hellish journey of drugs, alcohol, smuggling, and deception. As plans begin to change, Kristofer concurrently plans his vengeance.

The story starts off slow. On top of that, the story didn't have a hook to really capture my attention, it just doesn't start off very interesting. It starts off immediately with a deal gone bad, but with very few detail, quickly slows down afterward, anyway. However, it eventually clears up as the planning and execution of the smuggling takes place. This is where the story gets interesting and starts to hook the audience. This is where the double-crossings take place, where the tension and action occurs, and where the story really captivates. I also liked how the film was very humorous at times. The ending of the film is also fantastic and gripping.

The acting was great from the entire cast. The dialogue comes off fluently and authentically from the cast. Everything felt real - the frustration, the anger, the wit - all of it felt genuine. The direction and editing is tight and consistent throughout, really adding to the immersion. The cinematography was also great, especially on the freight, as the film is shot beautifully.

Overall, Reykjavík-Rotterdam is a great thriller. It starts off slow and uninteresting, but, when it starts up, it really starts up. Patience is rewarded as it ferociously reaches its fantastic ending. I recommend a purchase for fans of the genre, a rental otherwise.

Score: 8/10
Parental Guide: Some strong violence and blood.

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