Monday, May 13, 2013

Film Review: The Hidden Face (2010)

The Hidden Face (Review)
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Adrian, an orchestra conductor, watches a video of his girlfriend, Belen, explaining why she is leaving him. Adrian, shocked and depressed, drives to a bar and drinks the pain away. At the bar, Adrian meets a waitress, Fabiana, with whom he develops a relationship. Fabiana moves into Adrian's home as they get closer. Eventually, Fabiana begins to notice an eriee presence within the home...

The story in this film is great. It starts off in the present during the first act, goes into the events prior to the breakup during the second, and comes full circle during the third. It plays out like a suspenseful psychological drama; what's causing the abnormal activities in the home? Where is Belen? What are Fabiana's intentions? These questions will run through your head; that is, unless you watched the spoiler-filled trailer, which you should avoid at all costs.

I won't spoil it in this review, but there are scenes that play out so well, and, depending on how much you like or dislike certain characters, you'll be in awe. The ending of the film was the biggest problem, in my opinion. If it had ended at a certain scene, it would've been great. Instead, this ending feels to abrupt, unfulfilling, and typical; this is likely due to the unnecessarily prolonged third act, which causes the film to lose some steam. Normally I'd mention this in the Parental Guide at the end, but: this film has excessive nudity and sex - throughout most of her screen time, Fabiana appears nude during sex or showering (she in the bathroom all the time, she must be very clean.)

The acting was great from the entire cast. Clara Lago, who plays Belen, is wonderful during her scenes of anxiety, fear, and loss; she plays the insecure girlfriend very well. The music also stands out and add a very "epic" vibe to some of the scenes, and also matches Adrian's character; it really helps the film develops its own identity. The direction and editing are great, really creating an easy-to-follow story, despite it's nonlinear storytelling.

Overall, The Hidden Face is an often suspenseful and a mysterious story, although it begins to stumble towards the end. Avoid the trailer completely if you're interested in this film, it will be a much better experience if you do. I recommend a purchase for fans of psychological dramas/thrillers.
Score: 8/10

Parental Guide: Some blood. Excessive full nudity and sex.

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