Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Film Review: Crawl (2011)

Crawl (Review)
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Rusty, a bar owner, hires a hitman to kill a business partner with unpaid debt. Meanwhile, Marilyn, a hostess at the bar, is home alone, waiting for Travis, her boyfriend, to arrive and propose. However, Marilyn gets caught in the middle of a deal-gone-wrong...

The hitman decided to double-cross Rusty. On top of that, as the hitman leaves, he runs over Travis. So, the hitman ends up at Marilyn's home where he holds her hostage until he can find new escape vehicle. But, Rusty finds out about the double-crossing from the local police that place him at the crime scene and Rusty begins to track the hitman.

The story is very simple and, as you can see, very uneventful for a 1hr 20min run time. Not much happens in this film. The film isn't as suspenseful as it thinks - walking slowly without music doesn't equal suspense. The only genuine suspense occurs towards the end of the film, where a game of cat-and-mouse occurs. There is a tense scene where the hitman is trapped behind a door because of his shadow, which I thought was great; the story would've benefited from more scenes like this.

Also, most of the characters in this film must be blind as they have trouble seeing the obvious; some characters can't see drops of blood all over a well-lit porch, one character can't see a cake sitting at that same porch, the house is well-lit yet Marilyn can't see the hitman standing in plain-sight nor can she see the lock on the door that is CLEARLY LATCHED ON and so on. Other ridiculous events occur, like Travis walking into the middle of a street to flag down a car - who does that, really? Oh, and the hitman, with a severely injured leg, is able to travel back and forth between the house and car several times within what seems to be a short time - why didn't Travis walk home if his home is in clear sight? Not exactly plot holes, but inconsistencies that bothered me.

The acting was good from most of the cast. George Shevtsov plays the hitman with a performance that is good, but underwhelming. He isn't really intimidating, and he isn't frightening, either. But, he is a calm and collected hitman. Georgina Haig plays Marilyn, she has a few great scenes where looks genuinely frightened. The music in the film was great, it reminded me a bit of Psycho - a redeeming factor of the film.

Overall, Crawl is a weak suspense film. It's uneventful, it's too inconsistent and unbelievable, and it lacks self-identity; you've seen this film before, and better. I recommend streaming or renting before purchasing.

Score: 4/10
Parental Guide: Strong violence and blood, very brief nudity.

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