Sunday, May 12, 2013

Editorial: Going to the movies alone...

I walk up to my local movie theater... alone. As I approach the ticket booth, I get an eerie feeling, as if I were being watched or stalked. Of course, I eventually spot a group of teenagers smirking and giggling from afar. I shrug it off, and continue to walk toward the ticket booth; however, this time, it feels as if I'm fighting gravity and fate - something doesn't want me to reach the cashier. I reach my destination, tired and distraught, where the cashier is happily smiling and I say, "One for Prometheus, please." Her smile instantly goes away as she stutters "O... One?" The other cashiers' heads viciously turn in my direction - you can hear the loud popping of their necks, as if they were dislocated during a vicious car wreck. I finally respond, "Yes." 

Why don't people go movie theaters alone? Well, for one, going to the movie theater alone has become a social stigma. If you're not surrounded by a group of friends when you watch a movie, then you're weird or different; in our social world - which revolves around Twitter and Facebook - this is the mind frame of many. We tend to be the most insecure when we're alone.  

There are plenty of excuses for not going to the movies alone. Some people thinks it's embarrassing. Others over-think the perception of themselves; as in, they think others will think they're a loner or something's wrong with them; they may ask, "why are they in a movie theater alone?" This is largely because going to the movies is a social experience for most audiences. And, that's completely fine. I think it's great to see people bond over a movie - whether it be friends or family. Some films are much more enjoyable with a group of people, especially the bad movies. 

However, there are plenty of reasons to go to the movies alone. For one, it's completely fine to go to the movies alone; some people may judge, but most others likely won't care; in fact, they might not even notice you! (unless they personally know you.) Also, you may have a film better experience going by yourself. Why? Well, you might have those friends that talk too much or have other undesirable movie-going characteristics, or at least characteristics that don't work for the film you are going to watch. And, some films are much more impactful when you're alone.  

If you skip visits to movie theaters because you don't have a friend to go with, then you should definitely reconsider. Don't miss out on amazing theater experiences because you may have to go alone. The "benefits" of avoiding a lonesome visit to the movie theater aren't really benefits, they're more like excuses.  I've been to the movies alone quite a few times, and the experiences I've had have been... great! Not bad, at all!

Have you gone to the movies alone? You should share an experience in the comments section! Thanks!

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