Saturday, May 11, 2013

Editorial: Are spoofs funny?

I don't find most spoofs funny. Although I haven't seen the recent films such as A Haunted House or Scary Movie 5, I've seen my fair share of spoofs throughout the last decade. Yeah, I've seen Scary Movie 4, Date Movie, Meet the Spartans, Disaster Movie and the like. I can't say I remember the films much, not even the highlight jokes or set pieces, if any. I've come to this conclusion: spoofs movies just aren't very funny, or at least they're not my cup of tea. 

One of the flaws I see in modern spoofs films is the lack of focus. It's fine to drift into other films, and even other genres, briefly, as long as the main theme takes center stage. Scary Movie should've focus 90% on scary movies, Disaster Movie should've focused 90% on disaster movies, and so on. Instead, Disaster Movie has characters like Amy Winehouse, Miley Cyrus and Kim Kardashian (one of these isn't a even spoof character), Meet The Spartans has a dance segment that belongs in a dance flick (no, not the spoof film) and a Grand Theft Auto spoof, while Scary Movie 5 has a spoof of Inception. Why?  

Remember in Scary Movie 2, where Cindy was singing along in her car and the singer rudely (I use this term lightly) interrupted her. That's random and funny! Or, in the same film, the Dude, Where's My Car reference - that was raunchy, wasn't it? These aren't set pieces like in Disaster Movie and Meet The Spartans, these are simple, funny jabs at other films/genres - the way it should be. The only reason a writer would completely drift into a different genre would be because of a lack of creativity and focus; cheap gags and jokes for a cheap check. A notable example of this is, again in Scary Movie 2, the inexcusably long Charlie's Angels spoof at the end. I feel like the original Scary Movie and Don't Be A Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood are the best examples of films that followed there themes and were hilarious. 

Spoofs are a completely random set of jokes - recent additions fail to follow their own themes, as I mentioned earlier. These random jokes may conjure a laugh or two, maybe a smirk, but they really aren't genuinely funny. What I mean is: the randomness may catch you by surprise, in turn, causing you to laugh, but the actual content of the joke isn't really funny. It's not a joke you can tell a friend, or a piece you can vividly and enthusiastically explain. These random "jokes" are usually completely forgettable. 

If spoof film writers focused on content and structure, spoof movies would be a lot better than the recent releases. What we get now are poorly organized spoofs that are all over the spectrum. What's the purpose of having a theme-based film if you're not going to follow the theme?   

I ended up ranting much more than I intended to, so please excuse me? What do you think of recent spoofs and spoofs in general? 

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