Sunday, April 14, 2013


Welcome to! I'll be updating this website very often with: (1) a wide variety of film reviews from every timeframe, region, and genre, (2) original articles and editorials, (3) an assortment of top 5 through top 30 lists, (4) and hopefully much, much more. All of the content will be written exclusively for, as well

I will keep this website updated and I am willing to change with the audience's demands - as you'll soon find out, I'm very open-minded. Like my short and direct reviews? Prefer longer, detailed reviews? Want more recommendations? Want more food-for-thought, discussion-like articles? Leave a comment or email me, I'll consider anything.

I watch hundreds of films a year, enough to consider myself a cinematic addict. If you're a cinema addict - if you absolutely love movies - I hope you visit my website often!

- Jonathan

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