Monday, April 29, 2013

Film Review: The Wig (2005)

The Wig (Review) 
South Korea/2005 
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Soo-hyeon (Chae Min-seo)  is struggling from terminal cancer. Her older sister, Ji-hyeon (Yoo sun), a mute, decides to remove her from the hospital and tells Soo-hyeon that she has been cured. Skeptical at first, Soo-hyeon begins to believe she is cured as she looks and feels healthier; however, her attachment to an eerie wig is worrisome...  

The Wig is a very sad and depressing story. Although not deeply developed, the relationship between the sisters is moving; they both care for each other, but things quickly change when the wig is introduced. From there on, The Wig consist of great jump-scares, disturbing imagery, and a bleak story. The twist in this film is very familiar, you've likely seen it before; it does have one unusual and original element, however. The ending of the film is dreadfully painful - cringe-worthy and depressing. The idea of a haunted wig is just that - a haunted wig. I don't think the story used hair in a horrifying way - it was basically a way to introduce the haunting/ghost. I mean, I'll still be able to look at wigs the same way as before; making hair a scary would've been unique, but it doesn't - a missed opportunity, really. Another complaint I had is: a character is suddenly dropped into the film simply to answer a few questions; however, her appearance alone poses more questions. Terminal illness alone is a terrifying idea, add a chilling ghost, and you have a terrifying experience.  

The performances were great. They really added to the film's overall effectiveness. The music was good; not really unique or amazing, but well-suited. The film has some great special effects and makeup; not heavy on computer effects, but strong on blood and violence. The ghost design - particularly the face - is disturbing and is a bit more original than other Asian ghosts. The cinematography is very dark, which add to its bleak atmosphere. 

Overall, The Wig delivers the scares and a sad story, further supported by great performances and an unforgettable ending. A very effective horror film indeed. I highly recommend for fans of the horror genre. 

Score: 8/10 
Parental Guide: Strong violence and blood, some brief nudity.

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