Monday, April 22, 2013

Film Review: Whispering Corridors (1998)

Whispering Corridors (Review)
South Korea/1998
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Mrs. Park frantically calls the young teacher Eun-young, babbling about Jin-ju's return - the problem is: Jin-ju is a long deceased student. The next morning Ji-oh Lim, a psychic student, finds Jae-yi Yoon, another student, waiting in front of the school as they are the school clerks for the day. They eventually stumble upon Mrs. Park's hanging body. Mysterious occurrences plague the school, and rumors of a haunting surface...

The story in this film is a creepy tale of an aching ghost. What I mean by that is: the ghost in this film isn't exactly holding a grudge. Whispering Corridors heavily relies on its spooky atmosphere to create a tense and creepy story; don't expect many jump-scares in this film as they are almost nonexistent. It's a slow-burning creeper that develops its characters and their relationships to create an effective experience. However, much of the impact begins to dwindle as the film overstays its welcome and often pointlessly prolongs its scenes. It is a chilling story, especially during its haunting finale, but much of the film feels uneventful due to its prolonged runtime. Also, the film suffers from some confusing storytelling. Some viewers will be able to grasp the story immediately, but I'm afraid others will have to look it up. (personally, it took me a few minutes after the end to come up with a reasonable explanation, and it was chilling!)

The acting in this film is great. Some of the dialogue may come off as unnatural, but that is a very inconsistent issue. As it relies on suspense and atmosphere, the bulk of the film works very well without visual effects. A scene in this film has a creepy bleeding wall effect that works very well and effectively compliments the mood. Whispering Corridors was made in 1998, or so, so the quality of the video and audio aren't top-notch. However, I actually enjoy the grainy, old-school look in horror films.

Overall, Whispering Corridors is a creepy horror film - a welcomed horror experience that doesn't require jump-scares to create terror. It may have an inflated runtime, and it may lack significant impact, but it works well enough. Fans of slow-burning horror films will feel right at home with Whispering Corridors.

Score: 6/10
 Parental Guide: Some strong violence and blood.

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