Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Film Review: Storage 24 (2012)

Storage 24 (Review)
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A military plane crashes over London causing a state of emergency. Meanwhile, a group of unsuspecting people become trapped in a storage facility - completely unaware of the danger that lurks within. Storage 24 is a mediocre and cliché monster flick with few redeeming factors.

The story in this film is very generic. It tries to create character by having a pointless love triangle - which sets up the film for more cliché scenes and character arcs. You'll see everything coming from the beginning to the end. The main characters consists of best friends Charlie and Mark, Charlie's ex-girlfriend Shelley, and Shelley's friends Nikki and Chris - who are also a couple. Charlie visits the storage facility to get his stuff, unfortunately running into Shelley and her friends who are already clearing out the storage facility. The love triangle consists of a backstabbing friend and a cheating girlfriend. It's very cliché, and the characters are mostly annoying, nagging throughout. I can usually tolerate annoying characters as that's what they are usually supposed to be; however, I don't believe the characters were purposely made annoying for this film. The alien in this film is good; up close, it uses too much blatant CGI, otherwise, it's very large and violent. He's not fully developed as a predator, so it causes the film to lack suspense.

The acting in this film is okay. It's tolerable, and gets the job done. Antonia Campbell-Hughes, who plays Shelley, had a few scenes that were just bad and completely forced; she felt unnatural at times; for example, one particular scene has her acting frustrated, sad and confused, but you never feel the emotion nor do you ever believe she is either of the emotions in her unnatural body movements. The special effects were solid throughout the film. Again, some scenes use blatant computer effects, but the aftermath of a kill usually looks shocking; deep lacerations on victims' faces and bodies being torn into pieces.

Overall, Storage 24 is a lackluster monster film. Fans of monster films like Relic or Deep Rising might see some redeeming values and get the most out of the film; however, you're probably better off watching Relic or Deep Rising. I suggest streaming or renting before purchasing.

Score: 3/10

Parental Guide: Some very brief nudity on a magazine (less than 10 seconds), strong violence and gore.

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