Thursday, April 25, 2013

Film Review: Safe (2012)

Safe (Review)
United States/2012
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Mei, a brilliant young girl with the ability to memorize numbers effortlessly, is kidnapped by the Chinese Triads in China and sent to Chinatown, New York, to calculate criminal earnings and such. Mei is eventually given a lengthy, valuable number - a number the Russian Mafia wants. After a violent altercation between the Chinese and Russians, Mei escapes. She's saved by Luke Wright (Jason Statham), a down-on-his-luck former cop. Now, Luke must protect Mei from the Chinese Triads, Russian Mafia, and corrupt cops.

Safe has a simple story, thanks to the smooth storytelling. Despite jumping from time to time, the story was very easy to follow. I understand: most people won't watch this film for the story, though. This is an exciting, nonstop action-thriller. Safe delivers some incredible fistfights, constant shootouts, and thrilling chases. The film constantly pushes forward with a ferocious pace - exciting action sequence after another. It leads up to a bit of an underwhelming, anticlimactic ending, though.

The acting was great, for what it is. Jason Statham reprises his award-winning role as Jason Statham. (seriously, though, he's great at playing this same character in all of his films.) Catherine Chan plays Mei with a very tamed performance; she's not over-the-top, stereotypical, or underwhelmingly boring - she's just right. The fight choreography was great, with some solid variety spread throughout.

Overall, Safe is a great action film. The story is interesting enough, and the action is versatile and delivers nonstop. Definitely worth purchasing for fans of action films, especially for fans of Jason Statham.

Score: 8/10
 Parental Guide: Strong violence and blood.

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