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Film Review: Haunters (2010)

Haunters (Review)
South Korea/2010
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Cho-in (Kang Dong-won) is a psychic who can control people with his mind and Kyu-nam (Go Soo) is a pawn shop manager who is immune to his powers. When Cho-in visits the pawn show to blindly rob them, Kyu-nam's boss is caught in the crossfire. Now, Cho-in faces his greater challenge - a man that he can't control.

The story in this film is great. It plays out like a SciFi/superhero film. Cho-in's psychic ability are limited to mind control - mind control that is ineffective to Kyu-nam. However, he is able to control everyone else, including large groups, and use them against Kyu-nam. These random pedestrians are expendable to Cho-in, which allows him to abuse them and they become Kyu-nam's burden. It's really a face-off between these two characters - a game of cat and mouse. The finale of this movie is great. Although it explains much of the film and adds a sense of believability, the final scene was on the odd side.

The acting was great in the film. Both Kang Dong-won and Go Soo do an incredible job playing opposites. Dong-won delivers a sinister performance, while Go Soo delivers a more humane and kind-hearted performance; both characters go through the motions. The supporting cast does a great job, as well. The film is shot beatifully, the style is perfect for the film's genre. Also, I loved this film's soundtrack - it's very versatile, being happy and upbeat at times, and tense and suspenseful during others.

The Blu-ray of this film is amazing. The picture and audio quality are superb. The menus are in Korean and English, so if you know any of either, you should be able to easily navigate the menus; the special features are in Korean, however. The film has English subtitles - no English dub. The Blu-ray version I bought came with an extra CD disc that contained the full original soundtrack - the title of the tracks are in English and the quality is superb.

Overall, Haunters is a great SciFi action film. Although it doesn't fully explore it's psychic concept (i.e. it limits itself to mind control), it is very entertaining and the action is consistent. A great film, and the Blu-ray + OST combo is definitely worth the price.

Score: 8/10
Parental Guide: Strong violence and blood.

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