Monday, April 29, 2013

Film Review: Ghost from the Machine (2010)

Ghost From The Machine (Review)
United States/2010
Netflix Streaming: Yes
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After his parents die in a car accident, Cody is left with the responsibility of his younger brother and the guilt of his actions prior to the accident. So, Cody begins to build a device that can bring his parents back. After several failed attempts, he's able to make contact, but not with his parents...

Ghost from the Machine is a very interesting story and concept. Can science bring back the dead? If so, is that going to far? Cody goes through several attempts, getting closer and closer every time. It plays out like a supernatural drama. There is one great jump-scare, and one very creepy scene - don't expect a haunted house roller coaster like Insidious. The bulk of the film relies on dialogue, which works well enough. What I really enjoy of the film is the ending; it manages to stray away from the predictable, formulaic ending many have grown accustomed to. However, the last third of the film also had an odd change in character - felt like it was forced to make the film a bit longer since it really is a long shot.

The acting was good for what it is - an independent film with a limited budget. There are a few scenes that felt unnatural and forced, but they were ultimately forgivable. The music was also good, definitely worked for the film, especially towards the end. Special effects are nonexistent as far as I know.

Overall, Ghost From The Machine is a good supernatural drama - I wouldn't classify it as a horror film, despite a few scary moments. It's worth watching for those with time to spare, and those that want to watch a SciFi-Supernatural blend.

Score: 6/10
Parental Guide: Some violence.

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