Saturday, April 20, 2013

Editorial: For The Love of Film

I genuinely love film. I'm always looking forward to the next film, regardless of its reputation - good or bad. Reading this blog, you've probably realized I'm really into South Korean films, yet I enjoy watching films across the spectrum. The gore-fests, the tearjerkers, the knee-slappers, the breath-takers... everything is worth watching. And, I'm always excited to watch

I love a great story. It can be a deep, meaningful story with an important message or a whodunit, edge-of-your-seat mystery thriller - it can even be a combination. Welcome to Dongmakgol is a notable example of a meaningful and entertaining film; a war film that shows the similarities of people, regardless of region, through clean humor. Gone, Baby Gone is another film with a great story; the blend of a thought-provoking story (particularly the ending) and edge-of-your-seat suspense creates a truly immersive film.

I love a film with a fantastic soundtrack. The soundtrack really sets the mood for a film; kinda like a guide attempting to lead your emotions. The Black Rain soundtrack is phenomenal, and a very understated Hans Zimmer soundtrack; this soundtrack matched the mood and the setting of the film perfectly as it blends domestic and international sounds. The Cloud Atlas soundtrack is also mesmerizing and, again, very understated. A fantastic soundtrack blends seamlessly with the film, and can be listened to without the film.

I love a film with beautiful cinematography. Whether it's a film that's easy on the eyes or a film that can leave the audience in awe, cinematography is very important. Black Rain (yes, again!) is a beautifully-shot film, as are most of Ridley Scott's movies; on that note, Prometheus creates an amazing atmosphere through its beautiful visual presentation - definitely an example of awe-inspiring cinematography. The use of color is very important in film to create a beautiful experience and to evoke the proper emotions; the upcoming Only God Forgives is looking very promising from its trailer alone.

These are only a few notable examples, and only a few elements, of why I love film. Honestly, the story, the music, the cinematography, and the acting all blend together to create immersive film experiences - film experiences that sweep you away into unforgettable worlds. I'm genuinely looking forward to everything film has to offer; what are you looking forward to?

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